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UK has top-reputed institutes which have high education standards. Often students find it hard to submit the work as expected by the professor due to weak grip on subjects’ basics or lack of research due to time constraints. Research paper writing is a significant form of assessment that every student in UK has to across at least once in their study period. This type of evaluation tends to enrich students’ research skills and hone their logical and analytical abilities. Drafting a well-researched paper isn’t an easy job; in fact it requires sufficient quality time and strong subject understanding. Even after allocating hours of research to academic papers, it isn’t this simple to complete. Here the real effort and hard work needs to be started. To which section the particular information should be allocated? What needless stages do we need to skip? How to cite the sources you have collected your information from? How does the APA style paper looks like? Which methodological approach should be used? Well, it’s a long story of the overlong research paper writing. To address all these concerns, we have experienced subject experts on board who maintain quality and use every essential element that is required to create a flawless research paper. The term paper writing service by Assignment Studio doesn’t let you take any academic stress; because the expert writers incorporate every requirement set by you and deliver it prior the deadline.

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Assignment Studio Provides Brilliant Research Paper Writing Service

Research paper writing seems a daunting task as it requires adequate amount of effort and time, as well as sufficient needed skills and expertise in focused areas. The complexity of research paper confuses students and subsequently involves them in common research academic paper mistakes. This is the major reason students turn over for research paper writing help. Assignment Studio offers outstanding well-research term paper writing service, also along with writing assistance the experts have identified common mistakes that students should avoid when writing on own, else they have vast knowledge to create error-free paper for the students.

“Seven Common mistakes students come up in Research Paper Writing’’

  1. Research Topic

Mistake: One silly mistake student often make is not doing proper research before writing on the topic. At time they incorporate the information what they generally know about and are reluctant to give hours of clock in researching. As a result, paper is poorly constructed and doesn’t deliver the information it is supposed to.

Suggestion: It is advised to take a research topic that has scope, also one that allow you to easily access research sources and materials. Allocate enough time to make extensive research and brainstorm the ideas and information essential to the topic which should be incorporated. This way the paper will properly address the topic as well as make it informative for the reader.

  1. Problem statement

Mistake: Another very common mistake is making weak problem statement that result in faulty foundation of research paper.  They consider the topic but doesn’t go through it well, also fail to encapsulate the idea in short statement.

Suggestion: Thoroughly go through similar research topic and see how problems statement is created. Which elements to include and how brief it is created. Whatever the topic of interest and scope you have chosen, make sure to explore it well, and briefly summarize the idea in the statement. 

  1. Connecting supporting statement

Mistake: Many of the times students aren’t aware of how to connect the supporting statements to main thesis statement, that disrupts the flow of research also makes insignificant sentences in between.

Suggestion: It is recommended to make valuable connections between main thesis statement and other supporting statement. Also, create an effective transition between them in order to provide valuable purpose and information on the study.

  1. Relevant data

Mistake: Students often think that the professor won’t go through lengthy research paper; therefore they can integrate the data that is available even if it doesn’t provide valuable importance or foundation to the research. They don’t know that the lack of relevant data diminishes the credibility of the research paper. 

Suggestion: To maintain the credibility of the research paper, it is crucial to present the data from professional sources. It you are unsure, about the reliability of data then get it checked through some professional writer or researcher in the respective field of study.

  1. Methodology

Mistake: Students often use imprecise methodology because they have no idea of what to use, where and how. At times they see relevant similar topic research papers and use those without considering the gap and dissimilarities their studies have.

Suggestion: Methodology helps you find the result and make analysis on the conducted research. Inappropriate or unsuitable research design may shake the foundation the research is resting on. Every research uses different methodical approach, that’s the reason it is necessary to be aware of various methodologies, also where and when it is used. For example, the research requires cross sectional data or time series, or it should use OLS model or regression analysis etc.

  1. Literature Review

Mistake: Literature review is used to cover the research gap or studies that were carried out by eminent scholars’ years ago. Students fail to read long and many research papers that hinder their capability to incorporate relevant research studies. It results in altering the credibility of paper.

Suggestion: Every research paper or dissertation writing has literature review section which is mandatory and can’t be ignored at any cost. It is recommended to take similar and relevant research paper that could clearly address the literature gap and could reflect on the differences in research and methodology that is used to come up with accurate result. This will improve the credibility of research paper.

  1. Referencing

Mistakes: Many students doesn’t consider references to be a necessary part and often put down the links that they have used without being familiar with how it could be cited, the purpose and value it holds. This results in plagiarism accusations.

Suggestion: There are numerous citation guides on different type of referencing styles like APA, MLA, Harvard and more on the internet. In each style, it differs across article, journal, e-book etc. Therefore, it is highly recommended to consider the format of each when citing the sources in order to save oneself from poor consequences of plagiarism.

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